Car workshop fire - persons reported

This mission has an extended mission that can be triggered if the required buildings are available. Click here to view the extended version

Description Value
Average credits 6000
Required Fire Stations 16
Requirement of Police Stations 2
Required Rescue Stations 2

Car workshop

Generated by Fire Station
Description Value
Required Fire engines 8
Required Fire Officers 4
Required Aerial Appliance Trucks 1
Required Rescue Support Vehicles 1
Required Water Carriers 1
Probability of Water Carrier being required 40
Required HazMat Units or CBRN Vehicles 1
Required Police Cars 2
Description Value
Max. Patients 4
Patient Specializations General Internal
Probability that a patient has to be transported 50
Follow-Up Missions Smoke Inhalation Smoke Inhalation Smoke Inhalation Smoke Inhalation
Possible patient codes C-2
Chance that the mission gets extended 25