Credits (total earned) Player Alliance
40,811,618 Credits Amsterdam is offline. Amsterdam Emergency Dispatch
40,100,340 Credits S18ueh is offline. S18ueh Nee Naw UK
39,863,453 Credits RCU is offline. RCU Associate of Special Transport
39,838,292 Credits GC999 is offline. GC999 UKET UK Emergency Team
39,594,374 Credits Dsas17395 is offline. Dsas17395 Uk Combined Emergency Services
39,484,076 Credits Hilly2007 is offline. Hilly2007 UK Emergency Response
39,332,727 Credits ChiefRob is offline. ChiefRob Coventry UK
39,116,150 Credits Maverick78 is offline. Maverick78 BrandweerNL
39,028,791 Credits Chiefdog is offline. Chiefdog
87f2edb3-075b-4805-acc9-a985d538cfb5 38,898,489 Credits Firemanronald is offline. Firemanronald BrandweerNL
38,886,786 Credits Anthonygibson323 is offline. Anthonygibson323 NORTHERN EMERGENCY SERVICES
38,666,689 Credits Battlebob is offline. Battlebob Emergency Services (Scotland)
38,439,912 Credits Dieg0 is online. Dieg0 Os Resistentes
38,336,649 Credits Danny1984 is offline. Danny1984 Uk Combined Emergency Services
37,772,710 Credits Pyroteppic is offline. Pyroteppic MissionChief United
37,577,650 Credits Treebob90 is offline. Treebob90
37,250,052 Credits ansonccf is offline. ansonccf Associate of Special Transport
6d9b30db-cf07-49f4-a04b-cc48528cd6e4 36,994,675 Credits Kered50 is offline. Kered50 Uk Combined Emergency Services
36,802,933 Credits Fifercalum is offline. Fifercalum Scottish Emergency Services
36,765,539 Credits Paul1519 is offline. Paul1519 SCOTTISH ALLIANCE